Better examination done in less time

Time is Money
We allow technical staff to perform a range of tests that traditionally only can be done by the Doctor/ Optometrist/ Optician himself

Objective and reliable

Saccadio test results are the same no matter who performs the examination. Results are the same across Doctor/ Optometrist/ Optician


Dr. Richard Kattouf (KC Consulting, USA):
Comprehensive eye exams account for more than 80% of all work done in an average US based Optometry practice (OD). An average customer visit generates $300 of revenue from the eye examination and the purchase of other products and services. Saccadio significantly reduces the time spent for a comprehensive eye examination — estimated to be 10 min saved per consultation. As a result, the average American OD gains 90 minutes during an average working day which expands service capacity to 4-5 more patients daily  — and could enhance the doctors revenue by $1200 per day, which is more than $250,000/year, or it could be used as a loss leader to attract more customer traffic for additional revenue.

Visual Therapy


Visual Therapy is highly effective for certain disorders
It is time consuming. Usually there are ten sessions over several months of time
Saccadio is the first visual therapy based on dynamic eyetracking: Showing images depending how well aligned the patient looks

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